Dr. ​Gianluca Sarri
Lecturer in Physics at Queen's University Belfast, UK
A  brief  introduction
I have always been fascinated by extreme states of matter, where our intuitive understanding of the world unavoidably breaks down and new physics realms can be accessed.

Lasers represent a unique experimental tool for this purpose, being by far the most intense events that can be artificially created on Earth. It is now possible to generate bursts of laser light that last for only a few femtoseconds (a millionth of a billionth of a second) and are confined within a region of a few microns. Within a single laser shot, a power exceeding the PW can be achieved (billion times more powerful than a typical stadium floodlight or comparable to the overall power of all of the sun’s solar energy that falls on London). Focus this power on a few micron spot, and intensities exceeding 1021 Wcm-2 can be generated.

I work on developing and using these ultra-intense lasers to generate exotic states of matter and study their unique properties. In particular, I work on the next generation of ultra-compact particle accelerators (imagine you can shrink CERN down to a table-top commercial system...) and laboratory astrophysics (reproducing, in the labroatory, conditions found close to black-holes and massive stars).

Besides, I am committed to engage with the general public to make this exciting branch of physics accessible to everyone, a fundamental aspect of Science. 

Finally, I particularly enjoy lecturing at University level. My courses currently include:
- Electromagnetism and Optics
- Quantum Mechanics
- Laboratory skills
New feature article in the magazine New Scientist on our research on matter-antimatter plasmas (November 2017): pdf  here
Latest news
Photo gallery
1. upcoming experiment at the Central Laser Facility on multi-staging electron acceleration. Towards compact and high-energy particle accelerators!
2. New publication on positron beams available here .
3. New member of the EuPRAXIA project, a European consortium for the delivery of a plasma-based accelerator for industrial applications!
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