Dr. ​Gianluca Sarri
Reader in Physics at Queen's University Belfast, UK
Teaching activity
  • Director of the first year undergraduate studies in Physics 
          The role comprises supervising the teaching performance of our staff in             the first year of undergraduate and all the organisation related to this                 year, including preparation of the modules' program and assessment.                   This is a crucial year for the students, when they are first introduced to               University life and a subject that many would consider hostile.

          Recently, a >1M£ investment was granted to the Physics department to            refurbish entirely the didactic labs. This has resulted in a state-of-the art
          teaching facility (see pictures).

         The whole academic year has been reshaped in 2015/2016, giving us the          opportunity of significantly revisiting the modules and introducing                        modern methods of lecturing/assessment. 

  • Lecturer of Electromagnetism and Optics (second year)
​        The course aims at providing the students an articulated understanding             of electromagnetism, with particular attention to its more rigorous                       mathematical aspects. Applications to circuitry and optics are also                         discussed in detail.
          - 2015/2016 students satisfaction on the module (MeQ): 4.3 / 5
          - 2015/2016 students satisfaction on the teaching (TeQ): 4.5 / 5
  • Lecturer of Quantum Mechanics (third year)
​         The course covers elements of Classical Mechanics (Lagrangian and                     Hamiltonian formalism) and first-principles Quantum Mechanics in the             non-relativistic approximation. Hilbert space, operators, the Hydrogen               atom, angular momentum, and perturbation theory are among the                         topics discussed
          - 2015/2016 students satisfaction on the module (MeQ): 4.5 / 5
          - 2015/2016 students satisfaction on the teaching (TeQ): 4.6 / 5

  • Level 1 Physics Tutorials and Labs
​          I provide small-class tutorials to first year physics students and                               supervise the didactc labs throughout the year

  • Supervision of Master and PhD students
​          I have thus far supervised the final project of 11 MSci student and I have
         so far supervised 5 PhD students (3 completed)